Our Vision & Hospitality Management Philosophy

By upholding the principles of trust, honesty, respect, integrity, and commitment, we cultivate and optimize talent for the advantage of every associate, guest, and hotel under our management at Atlanta Hospitality Investment.

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At Atlanta Hospitality Investment, our mission is to be a premier hospitality management company, dedicated to creating sanctuaries for travelers in each of our hotels. We prioritize comfort, hospitality, and exceptional service, ensuring that every guest experience is memorable and enriching.

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Recognizing the importance of all three of our stakeholders and performing every day to go above and beyond their expectations

  • Owners - To provide the best ROI and asset appreciation for the hotels we manage.
  • Associates – To provide our people with the best working environment which in turn will result in optimal service for our guests.
  • Guests – To completely satisfy each guest by meeting the changing needs and preferences of our visitors, ensuring their stay is unforgettable and fulfilling.

Company Value

We are defined by our unwavering commitment to integrity, honesty, and trust. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and recognize the power of teamwork in achieving our shared goals. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, personally and professionally, and strive to make a positive impact on the world around us.

Company History

Mohammad Hossain is a rare individual who has honed his skills to become a dynamic leader, manager, and problem solver in the world of hospitality. Every major point of his life has built upon the prior moments to allow him to gain the experience and expertise necessary for success.

Becoming a manager at Core-Mark International laid the foundation of his climb into the field of Management. He developed new business partners, created sales and marketing plans, and increased profits. He trained new employees as well as coordinated sponsored trade shows. Traveling extensively throughout the Southeast, he built relationships with a variety of clients to help ensure a successful future for the Atlanta division.

As the president & CEO of E-Z Trip, Inc, Mohammad was exposed to more aspects of the management field such as recruiting, hiring, and implementing employee incentive plans. He cultivated business associations with various airlines at the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport to cater to travelers. He worked with other site managers to ensure the smooth operations of the businesses.

Yet it was as owner of the Hotel Spice and Sky Atlanta Perimeter that all his experience, talent, and expertise merged to create a truly remarkable vision. His goal was to design a unique guest experience, one rich with personalized service and surrounded by distinctive designs. His inspiration went further as he developed marketing strategies to increase brand visibility to attract a highly diverse clientele. Mohammad personally leads all aspects of hotel operations, and he has recruited a high-performing team that works together to guarantee each guest has an extraordinary experience, one they will want to enjoy again.